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Sudan Pet Coke

FCS partners the leading supplier of Sudan pet coke for sales in India & China. 

We supply China's largest merchant calciner and China's largest  Pet coke importer.


Calciners: Sudan pet coke is used by calciners in India and China as a blend with other green anode grade pet cokes to produce Calcined Pet Coke (CPC).

Carbide industry: Sudan pet coke is used extensively by the carbide industry in India.

Glass industry: Sudan pet coke is used by glass manufacturers in China. Pulverised petroleum coke is used as a substitute for fuel oil feedstock by glass manufacturers, giving substantial cost savings of 30%- 50%.

Met coke production: Sudan pet coke has gained popularity as a blend with coking coal for the production of low sulfur - low ash metallurgical coke.


Sudan petroleum coke typically contains

Sulfur: 0.3-0.5%



Volatile matter: 10-12%

Moisture: below 3%


FCS can supply cargos as small as 1000 MT (in 20'or 40' FCLs) and as large as 15,000 MT.

FCS has shipped over 60,000 tons of pet coke from Port Sudan since March 2010.